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snow_thief's Journal

Snow White/Mary-Margaret Blanchard
13 October
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Snow White:

A thief and a convict, she is inevitably captured by James (otherwise known as 'Prince Charming'). While she originally has plans to flee, he grows on her and she ends up saving his life. But it can never end happily. He is, after all, engaged.
Once Upon a Time...

There was a kingdom in which a prince fell in love with a girl. But the queen grew jealous and did not allow the young prince and princess to live happily ever after. And so they were sent to Storybrooke, Maine, where memories are fuzzy and reality has set in. It takes a certain fated daughter to break the curse. Only then can the queen be defeated and can happily ever after be restored.

Mary Margaret

Mary Margaret Blanchard: A school teacher who has yet to find her prince. Through it all, she never forgets the fairy tales she grew up with and she knows that she'll one day find her happy ending.
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Mary Margaret, Snow White, Once Upon a Time, and Ginnifer Goodwin do not belong to me. I'm just a poor college student trying to pass the time. Both mun and muse are over 21.